Sargents Christmas Mince Pies

Baking Experts since 1896 creating a wonderful range of great-tasting fruit pies and tarts like ours doesn’t happen overnight.

Sargents have more than a century of experience of refining recipes and sourcing the very best ingredients – all based on the traditions of the original Sargents husband and wife team who started the company in Australia in 1896.

 LUX Deep Pie Mini MInce Pies lux-mini-mince-pie-image-1

mince pie 4 Mince Pies 3 Mince pies 5

Mince Pies 6 Sargents Mince pies image


Retail & Foodservice Products available:
Star & Holly Lid Mini Mince Pies
Deep Filled Mince Pies
Standard Shallow Mince Pies
Luxury Mince Pies
Luxury Mini Mince Pie


Please contact the Nicco Foods office and ask to speak to one of our sales team for more information.