Luxury Sponge Cakes

Our delicious, handcrafted cakes have been made with love and care. With four different flavours to tempt you. And one thing’s for sure, when you tuck into one of our treats, you’ll find it not only looks great, it tastes great too! Perfect for when you want a little sweet treat with your favourite cuppa, a get together, or any party occasion.

salted-caramel-round-sponge  triple-chocolate-round-sponge

victoria-sponge  red-velvet-round-sponge


Sponge Cakes Available Size Pallet
Victoria 6 x 1 sgl 117 c/s
Triple Chocolate 6 x 1 sgl 117 c/s
Salted Caramel 6 x 1 sgl 117 c/s
Red Velvet & Cream Cheese 6 x 1 sgl 117 c/s


Please contact the Nicco Foods office and ask to speak to one of our sales team for more information