Pies, Pasties & Sausage Rolls

  Lovingly baking pork pies, pasties, rolls, wraps and slices in Yorkshire for nearly 30 years. Offering a range of flavours and variants for foodservice and retail.   Product Case Size Plt Original Dinky Pork Pie 60g 36 x 60g 100 c/s Original Pork Pie 6 x 160g 100 c/s Figit Pork Pie 6 x … Continued

Pork Burgers, Bacon & Sausages

Born & Bred, Farmed & Fed. From growing the crops that feed their pigs to produce high quality pork products made to a unique recipe using the very best ingredients.   Product– FOODSERVICE Size Plt Gluten Free Cumberland Sausages 4 x 2720g 50 c/s Olde English Sausages 4 x 2720g 50 c/s Premium Pork Sausages … Continued

Thick Cut Bacon

  Introducing a new range of succulent thick cut Bacon. Available in smoked, unsmoked and streaky bacon. This company has invested a lot over the last 17 years to perfect their bacon. Their products are UK and EU quality approved.   Product Code Product Size Plt 91 Rindless Sliced Back Bacon 40 x 180g 70 … Continued

Alf Turner Chilled Range

The business was established in 1956 when Alf Turner, opened his butcher’s shop at 205 North Lane, Aldershot the same premises that the business operates from more than 50 years later.  Although a great deal has changed since the shop was first opened the way that we make our sausages is fundamentally the same process … Continued

Pâté Range

Tradition and so much more Nauta creates and produces delicious pâté in a progressive and creative way, with respect for the ancient family tradition, tailor-made for our specialised partners. All year round Nauta offers a nice range of various cream and country pâtés. Quality, tradition and taste are our main concerns and they enable us … Continued

Dessert Range

This extensive range of chilled desserts offers something for everyone and with further products in development the range will continue to grow.               Product Available: Packs Per Case Max case per pallet Black Forest Trifle 3 x 110g 5 200 Black Forest Trifle 180g 6 400 Fruit Cocktail Trifle 180g 6 … Continued

Microwavable Snacks

Vleems offer a wide variety of chilled succulent meaty treats which are easy to prepare for all the family to enjoy. Including Heinz                      Products: Size Plt Texas James Flamegrilled Quarter Pounder 12 x 1 128 c/s Texas James Premium Chicken Burger 12 x 1 128 … Continued

Bauwens Chilled Meat’s

Theo Bauwens nv is a more than 100 year old family-owned and run company, being one of Europe’s leading producers of cooked meat products. Bauwens constantly strive to renew there production lines and products to the ever changing modern needs.        Chilled Products available: Cooked Wafer Thin sliced Turkey Breast with Herbs Cooked Wafer … Continued