Christmas Biscuits

Iced Christmas Biscuits. All individually wrapped for freshness. Available in a mixed box of gingerbread man, gingerbread snowman, gingerbread reindeer, vanilla tree, vanilla angel and chocolate christmas pudding.  Available for retail and foodservice. Product Size Plt Christmas Cookies Decorated – 1 character per case: Vanilla Angel, Vanilla tree, Choc xmas Pudding,  Gingerbread man, Gingerbread snowman, … Continued

Cupcakes & Muffins

Nicco Foods would like to introduce to you our range of ambient cakes and muffins. Available in a range of handy grab bags, Tupperware boxes, flow wrapped and also in foodservice boxes. Product– RETAIL Size Plt 8 Cacao Filled Muffins 9 x 280g 100 c/s 8 Strawberry Filled Muffins 9 x 280g 100 c/s 8 … Continued

Chocolate Biscuits

Nicco Foods would like to introduce to you our range of chocolate covered biscuits. Available in 3 different varieties of crunchy round biscuit, covered in irresistible chocolate. Product Size Plt Biscuit covered in milk chocolate 12 x 135g 234 c/s Biscuit covered in white chocolate 12 x 135g 234 c/s Caramel flavored biscuit covered in … Continued

Christmas Novelty Kits

A luxury range of Gingerbread and Sugar Biscuit kits perfect as a gift for Christmas or fun for all the family. Available in 5 different kits, 3 Gingerbread and 2 Sugar Biscuit. Product Size Plt     Gingerbread House Kit 10 x 830g 40 c/s Gingerbread Christmas Tree Kit 10 x 510g 40 c/s Gingerbread … Continued

Eccles Cakes

  Manchester Local Family Baker. Baking in Manchester since 1922.   Product Size PLT Lowther’s Giant Eccles Cake 18 x 1 sgl 140 c/s Lowther’s Eccles Cakes 12 x 4pk 120 c/s  

Sweet Treats

  The perfect transportable snacks. With a long life these snacks are a staple to have in your cupboards. Individually wrapped for freshness.   Product Size Plt Popkek Mini Chocolate – 8 packs 10 x 144g 120 c/s Popkek Mini Banana – 8 packs 10 x 144g 120 c/s Popkek Mini Caramel – 8 packs … Continued


  A Family run Potato Farm with a passion for creating Ireland’s finest crisps. Available in straight cut or crinkle cut in a variety of flavours and sizes. Code Product—Straight Cut Size Plt COE Mature Irish Cheese & Onion 90 x 12.5g 80 c/s COD Mature Irish Cheese & Onion 50 x 25g 56 c/s … Continued

Piada Wraps

Organic and Vegan friendly Piada wraps. Available in 2 flavours these Italian flatbreads can be made into whatever you desire. Whether that be just for a quick snack or for a family Fajita Night. Product Case Size Plt Piada Classic Wraps, 3 pk 10 x 330g 104 c/s Piada Olive Oil Wraps, 3 pk 10 … Continued

Gluten Free, Vegan & Nut Free Cakes & Bars

Calling all cake lovers! Introducing our range of Gluten Free, Vegan & Nut Free Cakes. These beautiful cakes come in lots of different flavours, perfect for when you want a nice sweet treat with your cup of tea. Product — GLUTEN FREE LINES Size Plt 4 pack GF Tiffin Bar 12 x 160g 260 c/s … Continued

Granola and Yoghurt Snack Box

Do you find yourself with little time to eat breakfast in the morning? If this is the case then you are more likely to grab something unhealthy on route to work, school or college. Introducing the new Healthy Granola and Yoghurt Snack Boxes. This ambient, on the go snack, doubles up as a bowl and … Continued